Soak Wash - Swim

Chlorine, salt and sweat can do a real number on swimwear. But! You can extend the life of our suit with proper care. Beach-bound or poolside, Soak keeps your favourite water wear clean and looking new longer.

Rinse it right away. Whether you’ve splashing around in salt water or sunbathing poolside, always give your suit a quick rinse, then treat it to a longer Soak at home. Easy tip: just bring it into the shower with you! 

Soak your suit after every swim. After the initial rinse, give your swimwear the luxury treatment in a sink full of Soak. Avoid regular detergents: they break down stretchy fabric, fast. And while Soak doesn’t actually neutralize chlorine (ingredients that do that tend to be very hard on fabric), it helps remove chlorinated water and dirt so your suit lasts longer.

Hand-wash in cool water. Washing by hand is your best bet, especially for super-delicate suits and ones with underwire. Use enough water so it can flow freely around your suit. (If there isn’t enough room, the dirt and chlorine won’t release.) If you must machine wash, use an Eco Wash Bag. It will help protect spandex and stretchy fabrics from pilling, snagging and show general wear-and-tear. It’s also a great way to keep straps from getting tangled and stretched out of shape.

Rinse it. Although Soak is a no-rinse formulation, rinsing your suit and Soaking it again will help get the chlorine smell out.

Air dry. Stretch fabrics don’t do well in the dryer, so either lay them flat to dry or hang them up (not by the straps, though - that’ll stretch them). You can put them over a towel bar or the side of the tub. Outside is good, but pick a shady spot, since sun will fade all the colours you love


Soak is amazingly gentle on the high-end fabrics in my collection. Wash after wash, the suits look and feel just like the first day out of the tiny black box! I’m always recommending Soak to all of my retailers and consumers.”– Caitlin Kelly, swimwear designer