Social Distancing Sanitizer Set

This is the ultimate essentials set. Included in this hand-held bundle is a blue Phil 14L basin, travel size Hand Sanitizer, full size Soak, and Handmaid.

What it is: Enjoy a full size bottle of Soak stylishly matched to a Phil Basin,  Hand Sanitizer and Handmaid Luxury hand cream, all in Scentless, for your sensitive side.

How it works:

  • Soak is the modern way to clean and refresh the laundry you love.
  • Handmaid hand cream is hydrating, soothing, smoothing care for your hardworking hands.
  • Our basin kits help you corral clothing that has been in contact with germs and get it safely to the laundry room where you can wash it with Soak. Whether you are Soaking masks, clothes or separating your laundry, the Soak care kit keeps everything contained.

Click here for Soak Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet

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